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a journal of anarchist ideas

Anarchy was an anarch­ist monthly magazine pro­duced in London from March 1961 until December 1970. Art­icles are re­printed with the kind per­mis­sion of the copy­right holder, Freedom Press. Art­icles listed below in bold­face contain tran­scribed art­icles. The rest are pending tran­scrip­tion.

Complete issues[edit]

In addi­tion to the full issues avail­able on this site, a major­ity of Anarchy issues have been scanned and up­loaded to the Inter­net Archive (IA), (LC), and The Sparrows’ Nest (SN). Links to these issues are pro­vided with the full list of issues.

My purpose here is to fill in the gaps wherever pos­sible with art­icles fully tran­scribed by hand using wiki for­matting. This is done to pre­serve the look and spirit of the ori­ginal magazine, but in a form that is easier to read, search, copy, and view on a smart­phone. Clicking an author’s name reveals a list of all the author’s con­tribu­tions to Anarchy, while subject cat­egor­ies dis­played at the bottom of each article will show avail­able art­icles on the same topic. Hyper­links in the body of each article are pro­vided to give context to the places, people, insti­tu­tions, events, and cita­tions refer­enced therein. These aren’t sub­sti­tutes for your own research, but can be helpful espe­cially to the twenty-first-century reader un­famil­iar with the termin­ology and cul­tural touch­stones assumed by the authors to be already famil­iar to their con­tempor­aries.

The fol­low­ing issues are fully avail­able on this site:

 83 (Jan. 1968) Tenants take over
 84 (Feb. 1968) Notes on poverty
 85 (March 1968) Con­versa­tions about anarch­ism
 94 (Dec. 1968) The ma­chinery of con­form­ity
101 (July 1969) Ap­proved schools and deten­tion centres
103 (Sept. 1969) The rights of the young

Partial issues[edit]

Issues in the process of tran­scrip­tion and proof­read­ing are placed here. You can also browse all art­icles so far tran­scribed here.

 31 (Sept. 1963) Anarch­ism & the cyber­netics of self-organ­ising systems
43 (Sept. 1964) Parents and teachers

Missing issues[edit]

The fol­low­ing issues are cur­rently un­avail­able to me. If you are in pos­ses­sion of them and can provide scans, please write a message to let me know.

Volume 1. 1961[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
  1 (March) Sex-and-Viol­ence link link  
  2 (April) Workers’ control   link  
  3 (May) Moving with the times … but not in step link link  
  4 (June) Where the shoe pinches link link  
  5 (July) Spain: the re­volu­tion of 1936 link link  
  6 (Aug.) The Anarch­ism of Jean Vigo: anarchy & cinema link link  
  7 (Sept.) Ad­ven­ture Play­ground: a parable of anarchy link link  
  8 (Oct.) George Orwell link link  
  9 (Nov.) Prison link link  
 10 (Dec.) Com­mit­tee of 100   link  

Volume 2. 1962[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 11 (Jan.) The world of Paul Goodman link link  
 12 (Feb.) Who are the anarch­ists? link link  
 13 (March) Direct action link link  
 14 (April) Dis­obedi­ence link link  
 15 (May) The work of David Wills link link  
 16 (June) Afric­ans and anarch­ism link link  
 17 (July) Towards a Lumpen­pro­let­ariat link link  
 18 (Aug.) Com­pre­hens­ive school link link  
 19 (Sept.) Theatre link link  
 20 (Oct.) Non-viol­ence as a reading of history link link  
 21 (Nov.) Second­ary Modern link link  
 22 (Dec.) A dia­logue on anarchy link link  

Volume 3. 1963[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 23 (Jan.) Squat­ters link link  
 24 (Feb.) The commun­ity of schol­ars link link  
 25 (March) Tech­nology, science and anarch­ism link link  
 26 (April) Peace link link  
 27 (May) Talking about youth link link  
 28 (June) The future of anarch­ism link link  
 29 (July) The Spies for Peace story link link  
 30 (Aug.) The commun­ity work­shop link link  
 31 (Sept.) Anarch­ism & the cyber­netics of self-organ­ising systems      
 32 (Oct.) Crime link link  
 33 (Nov.) The Anarch­ism of Alex Comfort link link  
 34 (Dec.) Science fiction link link  

Volume 4. 1964[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 35 (Jan.) House and home link link  
 36 (Feb.) Arms of the law link link  
 37 (March) Why I won’t vote link link  
 38 (April) Notting­ham link link link
 39 (May) The legacy of Homer Lane link link  
 40 (June) The Unions & Workers’ Control   link link
 41 (July) The land link link  
 42 (Aug.) India link link  
 43 (Sept.) Parents and teach­ers      
 44 (Oct.) Trans­port      
 45 (Nov.) The Greeks had a word for it     link
 46 (Dec.) Anarch­ism and the his­tori­ans     link

Volume 5. 1965[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 47 (Jan.) Towards freedom in work      
 48 (Feb.) Lord of the Flies   link  
 49 (March) Auto­ma­tion   link  
 50 (April) The anarch­ist out­look     link
 51 (May) Blues, R’n’B, pop, folk      
 52 (June) The limits of Paci­fism      
 53 (July) After school   link  
 54 (Aug.) Buber, Landauer, Mühsam     link
 55 (Sept.) Mutual aid and social evolu­tion      
 56 (Oct.) Emma Goldman: In a man’s world …   link link
 57 (Nov.) The law     link
 58 (Dec.) State­less­ness and Home­less­ness      

Volume 6. 1966[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 59 (Jan.) The white problem   link link
 60 (Feb.) Synanon & anarch­ism / Nar­cotic addic­tion      
 61 (March) Creat­ive vandal­ism      
 62 (April) Anarch­ism as a theory of organ­isa­tion      
 63 (May) An early renais­sance text: The Dis­course of Volun­tary Ser­vitude by Etienne de la Boetie      
 64 (June) Mis­spent youth   link link
 65 (July) De­re­volu­tion­isa­tion   link link
 66 (Aug.) Provo      
 67 (Sept.) USA   link  
 68 (Oct.) Salva­tion by working class—an out­moded myth?      
 69 (Nov.) Ecology      
 70 (Dec.) Liber­tarian psy­chi­atry—an intro­duc­tion to exist­ential ana­lysis      

Volume 7. 1967[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 71 (Jan.) Educa­tion      
 72 (Feb.) Strike City, Mis­sis­sippi      
 73 (March) The Free School idea      
 74 (April) How real­istic is anarch­ism?      
 75 (May) Trying it on: impro­vised drama   link  
 76 (June) How many years to 1984?   link  
 77 (July) Do-it-yourself anarch­ism     link
 78 (Aug.) Towards a liber­atory tech­nology      
 79 (Sept.) Latin America   link  
 80 (Oct.) Workers’ control   link link
 81 (Nov.) Anarch­ism in Russia     link
 82 (Dec.) Braehead School      

Volume 8. 1968[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 83 (Jan.) Tenants take over      
 84 (Feb.) Notes on poverty   link  
 85 (March) Con­versa­tions about anarch­ism   link  
 86 (April) Fisher­men and workers’ control   link  
 87 (May) The penal system con­sidered as a game   link  
 88 (June) Waste­land Cul­ture      
 89 (July) The May Days in France      
 90 (Aug.) Student anarchy      
 91 (Sept.) Artists and anarch­ism     link
 92 (Oct.) Rising­hill & Kil­quhan­ity: a tale of two schools      
 93 (Nov.) Radio freedom     link
 94 (Dec.) The ma­chinery of con­form­ity      

Volume 9. 1969[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
 95 (Jan.) Yugo­slavia: is it workers’ control?   link link
 96 (Feb.) Playing at re­volu­tion   link link
 97 (March) Architects and people      
 98 (April) A liber­tarian crimin­ology?     link
 99 (May) Lessons of the French Re­volu­tion   link link
100 (June) About anarch­ism     link
101 (July) Ap­proved schools and deten­tion centres   link link
102 (Aug.) Squatters     link
103 (Sept.) The rights of the young   link link
104 (Oct.) On Refus­ing: A per­sonal preface to a hand­book on select­ive trouble­making   link link
105 (Nov.) Wilhelm Reich and the sexual re­volu­tion      
106 (Dec.) Prop­erty is theft   link link

Volume 10. 1970[edit]

No.   IA LC SN
107 (Jan.) The present moment in Educa­tion   link link
108 (Feb.) Big flame flicker­ing   link link
109 (March) Russell and the Anarch­ists     link
110 (April) Jump my brothers jump: Poems from prison by Tim Daly   link link
111 (May) Anarch­ism, freedom and power     link
112 (June) South­ern Africa   link link
113 (July) Women in prison   link  
114 (Aug.) Emma Goldman, Alex­ander Berkman, and the dream we hark back to …     link
115 (Sept.) McLuhan­ism: a liber­tarian view     link
116 (Oct.) Instant Anarchy     link
117 (Nov.) The future of the urban envir­on­ment   link link
118 (Dec.) The meaning of Work today & tomorrow   link link


ISSN: 0003-2751

Library of Con­gress call number: HX821 .A5

Dewey Decimal Clas­sifi­ca­tion: 335.83