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a journal of anarchist ideas

Anarchy was an anarch­ist monthly magazine pro­duced in London from March 1961 until December 1970. Art­icles are re­printed with the kind per­mis­sion of the copy­right holder, Freedom Press. Art­icles listed below in bold­face contain tran­scribed art­icles. The rest are pending tran­scrip­tion.

Complete issuesEdit

In addi­tion to the full issues avail­able on this site, a major­ity of Anarchy issues have been scanned and up­loaded to the Inter­net Archive (IA), (LC), and The Sparrows’ Nest (SN). Links to these issues are pro­vided with the full list of issues.

My purpose here is to fill in the gaps wherever pos­sible with art­icles fully tran­scribed by hand using wiki for­matting. This is done to pre­serve the look and spirit of the ori­ginal magazine, but in a form that is easier to read, search, copy, and view on a smart­phone. Clicking an author’s name reveals a list of all the author’s con­tribu­tions to Anarchy, while subject cat­egor­ies dis­played at the bottom of each article will show avail­able art­icles on the same topic. Hyper­links in the body of each article are pro­vided to give context to the places, people, insti­tu­tions, events, and cita­tions refer­enced therein. These aren’t sub­sti­tutes for your own research, but can be helpful espe­cially to the twenty-first-century reader un­famil­iar with the termin­ology and cul­tural touch­stones assumed by the authors to be already famil­iar to their con­tempor­aries.

The fol­low­ing issues are fully avail­able to read on this site:

 31 (Sept. 1963) Anarch­ism & the cyber­netics of self-organ­ising systems
 43 (Sept. 1964) Parents and Teachers
70 (Dec. 1966) Liber­tarian psy­chi­atry—an intro­duc­tion to ex­ist­en­tial ana­lysis
 83 (Jan. 1968) Tenants take over
 84 (Feb. 1968) Notes on poverty
 85 (March 1968) Con­versa­tions about anarch­ism
89 (Jul. 1968) The May Days in France
 94 (Dec. 1968) The ma­chinery of con­form­ity
101 (July 1969) Ap­proved schools and deten­tion centres
103 (Sept. 1969) The rights of the young

Partial issuesEdit

Issues in the process of tran­scrip­tion and proof­read­ing are placed here. You can also browse all art­icles so far tran­scribed here.

44 (Oct. 1964) Transport
66 (Aug. 1966) Provo

Missing issuesEdit

I would like to acknowledge the kind help of Dr. Norman Epstein in loaning me copies of all Anarchy issues that were previously unavailable to me for transcription, and to Dr. Laith Furatian for facilitating the exchange. My sincere gratitude goes out to both of them.

Volume 1. 1961Edit

No.   IA LC SN
  1 (March) Sex-and-Viol­ence link link  
  2 (April) Workers’ control   link  
  3 (May) Moving with the times … but not in step link link  
  4 (June) Where the shoe pinches link link  
  5 (July) Spain: the re­volu­tion of 1936 link link  
  6 (Aug.) The Anarch­ism of Jean Vigo: anarchy & cinema link link  
  7 (Sept.) Ad­ven­ture Play­ground: a parable of anarchy link link  
  8 (Oct.) George Orwell link link  
  9 (Nov.) Prison link link  
 10 (Dec.) Com­mit­tee of 100   link  

Volume 2. 1962Edit

No.   IA LC SN
 11 (Jan.) The world of Paul Goodman link link  
 12 (Feb.) Who are the anarch­ists? link link  
 13 (March) Direct action link link  
 14 (April) Dis­obedi­ence link link  
 15 (May) The work of David Wills link link  
 16 (June) Afric­ans and anarch­ism link link  
 17 (July) Towards a Lumpen­pro­let­ariat link link  
 18 (Aug.) Com­pre­hens­ive school link link  
 19 (Sept.) Theatre link link  
 20 (Oct.) Non-viol­ence as a reading of history link link  
 21 (Nov.) Second­ary Modern link link  
 22 (Dec.) A dia­logue on anarchy link link  

Volume 3. 1963Edit

No.   IA LC SN
 23 (Jan.) Squat­ters link link  
 24 (Feb.) The commun­ity of schol­ars link link  
 25 (March) Tech­nology, science and anarch­ism link link  
 26 (April) Peace link link  
 27 (May) Talking about youth link link  
 28 (June) The future of anarch­ism link link  
 29 (July) The Spies for Peace story link link  
 30 (Aug.) The commun­ity work­shop link link  
 31 (Sept.) Anarch­ism & the cyber­netics of self-organ­ising systems      
 32 (Oct.) Crime link link  
 33 (Nov.) The Anarch­ism of Alex Comfort link link  
 34 (Dec.) Science fiction link link  

Volume 4. 1964Edit

No.   IA LC SN
 35 (Jan.) House and home link link  
 36 (Feb.) Arms of the law link link  
 37 (March) Why I won’t vote link link  
 38 (April) Notting­ham link link link
 39 (May) The legacy of Homer Lane link link  
 40 (June) The Unions & Workers’ Control   link link
 41 (July) The land link link  
 42 (Aug.) India link link  
 43 (Sept.) Parents and teach­ers     link
 44 (Oct.) Trans­port      
 45 (Nov.) The Greeks had a word for it     link
 46 (Dec.) Anarch­ism and the his­tori­ans     link

Volume 5. 1965Edit

No.   IA LC SN
 47 (Jan.) Towards freedom in work      
 48 (Feb.) Lord of the Flies   link  
 49 (March) Auto­ma­tion   link  
 50 (April) The anarch­ist out­look     link
 51 (May) Blues, R’n’B, pop, folk      
 52 (June) The limits of Paci­fism      
 53 (July) After school   link  
 54 (Aug.) Buber, Landauer, Mühsam     link
 55 (Sept.) Mutual aid and social evolu­tion      
 56 (Oct.) Emma Goldman: In a man’s world …   link link
 57 (Nov.) The law     link
 58 (Dec.) State­less­ness and Home­less­ness      

Volume 6. 1966Edit

Volume 7. 1967Edit

No.   IA LC SN
 71 (Jan.) Educa­tion      
 72 (Feb.) Strike City, Mis­sis­sippi      
 73 (March) The Free School idea      
 74 (April) How real­istic is anarch­ism?      
 75 (May) Trying it on: impro­vised drama   link  
 76 (June) How many years to 1984?   link  
 77 (July) Do-it-yourself anarch­ism     link
 78 (Aug.) Towards a liber­atory tech­nology      
 79 (Sept.) Latin America   link  
 80 (Oct.) Workers’ control   link link
 81 (Nov.) Anarch­ism in Russia     link
 82 (Dec.) Braehead School      

Volume 8. 1968Edit

No.   IA LC SN
 83 (Jan.) Tenants take over      
 84 (Feb.) Notes on poverty   link  
 85 (March) Con­versa­tions about anarch­ism   link  
 86 (April) Fisher­men and workers’ control   link  
 87 (May) The penal system con­sidered as a game   link  
 88 (June) Waste­land Cul­ture      
 89 (July) The May Days in France     link
 90 (Aug.) Student anarchy      
 91 (Sept.) Artists and anarch­ism     link
 92 (Oct.) Rising­hill & Kil­quhan­ity: a tale of two schools      
 93 (Nov.) Radio freedom     link
 94 (Dec.) The ma­chinery of con­form­ity     link

Volume 9. 1969Edit

Volume 10. 1970Edit


ISSN: 0003-2751

Library of Con­gress call number: HX821 .A5

Dewey Decimal Clas­sifi­ca­tion: 335.83

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